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Built in 1879, the Museum is located on St. Louis’ historic “Millionaires’ Row.” It contains 10,000 artifacts.

Welcome to the George B. Vashon Museum.

Discover our unique and comprehensive collection of artifacts and treasures that span 250 years of African American history In St. Louis, Missouri.

A Message from Calvin Riley, Executive Director of the George B. Vashon Museum



Here you will find my extensive collection of items of historical importance to anyone interested in experiencing the St. Louis African American culture. Spanning over 250 years, they originally belonged to doctors, lawyers, artists, Tuskegee Airmen, politicians, nurses, educators, Pullman porters, business owners, entertainers, law officers and more. I call this The Spider Web,because there is no ending. Together, they tell the stories of extreme situations that African American citizens had to endure to become successful. These artifacts were initially part of my private collection. Many I found in the homes where they had been used.

I invite you to explore the legacy that is part of our culture and St. Louis history. 

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Winter hours December-February by appointment only.


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Visit the George B. Vashon Museum to learn about the people, places, and things, that over the centuries, contributed to and influenced African American history in St. Louis and around the world.

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