To preserve the history and achievements of St. Louis African-Americans and to recognize those who fought for civil rights and to change unjust laws.


Our dedication to our patrons, supporters and the community.

The George B Vashon Museum is my way of exhibiting and demonstrating the way of life during the early years for African Americans in St. Louis. It is used as a tool to preserve and present to others the positive aspects of black life. It will show the African American community as I found it. The most precarious element of opening this museum is the attempt to locate and display every person or group who has made a significant contribution to promote the African American community. Being in mildew basements and hot dusty attics is not the best way to live, but I had to endure. I celebrate their lives in this museum.

Calvin Riley, Jr. Founder & Curator of the George B. Vashon Museum of African American History

Thank You

We’d like to take a moment to thank all of our sponsors, visitors, and supporters, without whom, none of this would be a reality. Thank you for your generosity.

George B. vashon museum

Mission Statement


social justice, where people of all races can research life during Slavery and “Jim Crow” ways of life.


community relationships through artifacts, objects, and historical documents that reveal the true story of early St. Louis residents, as well as people throughout the United States who were labeled “Negro” or “Colored.”


world peace, inclusion and diversity.

Support History

The George B. Vashon Museum depends on contributions from individuals, corporations, and businesses.We are a 501(c) non-profit organization, fully supported by the public. We appreciate your support.